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Robey Construction is among the most respected construction, consulting and project management company in Florida.


About us

Robey Construction is one of the most respected Florida construction, consulting and project management companies, and a cornerstone of innovation in the industry. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects that foster sustainable progress and grow economies. Only Robey Construction has the resources and reach to guarantee certainty of outcome.

For more than sixty years, we’ve completed thousands of extraordinary projects—many first-of-a-kind—throughout the state and serving the Commercial, Industrial, Defense, Government, Insurance, infrastructure, transportation, and telecommunications industries. We are a family company grounded in hard work, integrity and trust, values integral to all we do.



Office, Retail, Flex, Healthcare, Restaurant & Laboratory


Airport, Highways, Transportation, & Telecommunication

Defense and Security:

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive Facility and Goble Information Facility for the Department of Defense, Portable Armory for the U.S Naval Reserve.


Documentation of Claim, Architectural Drawings for Permitting, Structural Renovation, Fire & Water Restoration, Mold & Environmental Remediation, Ozone & Thermal Fogging.

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